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Tue 24th of Jun 2008, 11:11 CDT
<Stormy> Allow me to present:
<Stormy> Don't everyone post at once now.
Tue 24th of Jun 2008, 11:33 CDT
<Jenny> a quantum computer compared to an ordinary computer is like the sun compared to a charcoal drawing of the sun
<Stormy> Supposedly the answer will come before you even put the question in.
<Altiesentier> But will it run Crysis?
<Stormy> No
<Jenny> no
Tue 24th of Jun 2008, 18:06 CDT
[14:41] salaiek: ... what is it with things exploding today? c.C;
[14:42] Mottmon70: I dunno, someone slipped TnT into the water?
Tue 24th of Jun 2008, 18:08 CDT
[22:13] salaiek: I've got a lovley bunch of co- BALLS
[22:13] Mottmon70: COCANUTBALLS?
[22:13] salaiek: Hairy, hard, and large?
[22:13] salaiek: Wait, that Rowan..
Tue 24th of Jun 2008, 18:10 CDT
[22:25] Mottmon70: Where DOES holy shit come from?
[22:25] salaiek: The pope.
Tue 24th of Jun 2008, 18:12 CDT
[22:49] Mottmon70: Thier genetalia is a mutant parasite from the planet bob that will attach itself to your face and suck your innards out. Then lay its eggs in your hollowed out corpse, how else do you think they reproduce?
[22:50] salaiek: That sounds more like Xenomorphs. o.O I thought they ate cocoa beans and shit out their offspring.
[22:51] salaiek: YUS.
Tue 24th of Jun 2008, 18:56 CDT
Tue 24th of Jun 2008, 19:13 CDT
oh gawd how did this get here I am no good with computer
Wed 25th of Jun 2008, 00:06 CDT
[20:04] salaiek: X34
[20:04] salaiek: *eats 4* NO 34!
[20:05] Mottmon70: YOUR SMILIY IS HAVING SMEX!
Mon 7th of Jul 2008, 06:11 CDT
[12:11:21] <Cerbis_Latran> Owned
[12:11:22] <Jenny> ...why indeed
[12:12:18] <Jenny> snortle
[12:12:26] <Jenny> american nationalism is such a paradox
[12:12:40] <Cerbis_Latran> yes it is
[12:12:58] <Jenny> it'd make more sense for Legos to be proud to be in Legoland